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   Theme:"Arts education for sustainable development"  

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Margaret S. Barrett

 Professor and Head of  School of Music at The University of Queensland, Past President of the International Society for Music Education (2012 – 2014), Past Chair of the Asia-Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research (2009 – 2011), and  Past Chair of the World Alliance for Arts Education (2013 – 2015). She is currently a Director of the Australian Music Centre and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra..





Ralph Buck (PhD)


President of WAAE; Head of Dance Studies, and Associate Dean, International and Equity, NICAI, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Ralph is also on the International Editorial Boards of Research in Dance Education (RIDE) and Journal of Dance education (JODE) the two world leading journals in this field

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Rita L. Irwin                                       

Professor of Art Education at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver,CA;Past President of the International Society for Education through Art and is on the Presidential Forum for the World Alliance for Arts Education.  Former president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education and Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies and the Canadian Society for Education through Art.



Robin Pascoe


Robin is the President (2013-2016) of IDEA, the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association, and a former President of Drama Australia.He was writer of the Arts in the Western Australian Curriculum Framework (1998). Robin was a co-director of the Australian Government National Review of School Music (2005)


Keynote:  Ernst Wagner ,           UNESCO-Chair in Arts and Culture in Education  



Keynote:  Peng, Ji Xiang  Vice president of  Meishi film of Chongqing University,  

Keynote:  Rose Martin

Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Adviser in Dance Studies at the University of Auckland.